Why do I have to study when I study abroad?

Why do I have to study when I study abroad?

The first three weeks of class have already passed and I’m definitely feeling it. I know a lot of people think of study abroad as a time to get drunk a lot, hook up, and travel around a lot…yeah, so I’ve done most of that, but my studies are starting to creep up on me. I already have papers due and I always seem to have a fuck-ton of reading to do. That’s right: a fuck-ton. But what do you expect when you’re studying at “the best” university in Turkey? I mean, I would definitely prefer to have things way easier, but maybe this will be a good challenge for me? No, let’s just be honest: if I could, I would chose not to do anything academic while I’m here (except learn Turkish).

The weather in Isty has been sucking some pretty big balls lately. It just rains and rains all the time. And it’s cold. I do not remember Wikipedia saying anything about this. It says it rains three inches on average in October. I think it rained that much today. Wikipedia stoopid! That all I have to say. Some advice: yo’ clothes will not dry if it raining outside and you don’t have a dryer. To top this all off, right when it gets cold and rainy, the gas in our apartment got shut off. Something like the bill was still in the name of the last person who lived there so they just shut it off. So, no hot shower, no hot food, no heat for a week. (We just got it back yesterday) Now, the internet’s not working for the same reason. It sux! How am I posed to watch this week’s ANTM if there no interwebs? Oh well, hopefully this will all be solved by Monday.

In other news, I have recently acquired an obsession with being hygienically disgusting. For some reason, I just have not been able to motivate myself to take a shower everyday. And I wash my hair even less. So, when there was no hot water, I would take even fewer showers. I could have fried chicken in my hurr, I believe. But, that don’t stop the boys from coming to the yard.

Which brings me to the topic of BOYS. Let’s just say, I have received more attention in one month in Istanbul than I know what to do with. Let that simmer in your mind for a minute… And I’m gross! I don’t take showers and they’re bangin’ the door down! (not really) Israel can suck it! Istanbul’s where it’s at! I keep it as classy as I can thank you very much. But the Turkish gays are clingy. Of course, I love attention, but I can’t handle people telling me they love me after meeting me once. Ya know? And calling me “my baby” is kind of weird.

With regards to travel, I got out of I-bul last weekend for the first time since I’ve been here. I went with six of my friends to Bursa, which is about 5-ish hours away. We took an awesome ferry ride and then a bus to get there, stayed in a coolio hotel, and ate iskender kebab until I felt like I was going to fro up.
For those of you not-so-cultured folk, this is iskender kebab:
Is your mouth watering yet? If not, then think of me and iskender kebab at the same time and then it will be.
We also went to a small Ottoman village (willage if you’re German)and ate a typical breakfast in a tent and then wandered around in nature for an afternoon. Of course, I was the dumb bitch who stepped in animal poo, but that was only a minor issue. Overall, it was a great weekend and I hope there are many more to come just like it. (<–cliche sentence)

I’ll leave you with some life-changing facts about culture here:
1. Construction boots are all the happ with the Turks. Both girls and guys strut this trend in many different colors. Think FUBU, but Turkish?
2. There are so many blind people here!!! I cannot get over it not because they bother me, but because they are so mobile! The cars drive cray cray here, but these people don’t get hit. It’s amazing and all they use is a walking stick.
3. Cindy Woods is coming to visit me in December! WHAT WHAT!!! Who jealous? That’s right, ALL OF YOU!

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