Shabbat Shalom/WATCH OUT LIL’ MAMA

Shabbat Shalom/WATCH OUT LIL’ MAMA

Just want to say thanks to everyone who has read my blog so far! I really appreciate it.

I made my first friend on Wednesday. Her name is Rosa. She’s from Spain and therefore speaks Spanish. She also gossips. Needless to say, we’re a perfect match. We’re in the same class and got to talking about how we wanted to get out of Jerusalem. Miraculously, she has a car so we drove to Tel Aviv that afternoon, about an hour’s drive. We ate at a great restaurant overlooking the beach and then had a drink while sitting in the sand. It was a really fun time and was reassuring for me because I thought I would never make new friends in Israel, where I’ve had so much luck making friends before.

Last night (Friday), Rosa took me and a few other friends to the same beach in Tel Aviv. We watched the soccer game between Spain and Chile with our feet in the sand. My friend Atalya met us there. She was looking HAWWTTT in some sexy fine luthah (leather) boots. Shout-out to mah gurl 4 dat! Lately, I’ve only been having one beer at a time since I have class in the morning, but last night, I went crazy and had two. So, by the time Atal strutted up to us, I wasn’t trashed, but I was feeling good. Thus, it was a successful night. Oh, and Spain won.

From sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday is the Shabbat or holy day for Jewish people. In Israel, it’s like Sundays in the U.S. but worse, in my opinion. Jerusalem has lots of religious people so all the stores are closed and buses don’t run. It’s just sucky and a barrier to me going out on the weekends. I guess my bank account will thank me later. Anywho, you’re supposed to say “Shabbat Shalom” (which is translated as “have a peaceful shabbat”) to anyone you see before Shabbat starts, but in my head I always think, “Hello Shabbat” because “Shalom” is like “Aloha” and means 10 different things. Because of this, I always giggle to myself because it sounds funny to say “Hola Shabbat”. I have now devised a plan to get really drunk on a Friday afternoon so that when it’s sundown I can drunkenly say “Shalom” to the Shabbat.

More goals:

6. Say “Shalom” to the “Shabbat”. See above.

7. Make a parody music video a la Lil’ Mama’s “Lip Gloss”

but it’s gonna be called “My Kipa is Kool, My Kipa is Poppin”

Btw, a kipa is a yarmulke. It’s what all the Jew-cy Jews wear.
Move ovah Lil’ Mama, my Kipa comes in more flavas than yo’ lip gloss!

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  1. Hey Bonzzini, I'm going to Paris on Thursday and I'm staying there for 2 weeks. If I have any freaky observations on French people and their trends, I'll write it all down to keep giu updated as well! Un beso!

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