Riding da Bus!

Riding da Bus!

Istanbul, being such a unique city, has a very unique network of transportation. There are SO many ways of getting around: bus, taxi, ferry, tram, metro, metrobus (not the same as metro or bus), trains (sometimes), and good old walking. Last semester, I lived in the neighborhood right next to my university so I could just walk to class everyday. This semester, I moved to a different neighborhood, which is farther away from campus but more centrally located in Istanbul. My new home, Besiktas (pronounced besh-ik-tash), requires me to take a bus to class everyday. Having public transportation to use is a godsend after having lived in Norman, Oklahoma, where a car is pretty much essential to get around. Yet, I have encountered some difficulty getting accustomed to using the city’s transport system. This morning, I had a rougher than normal experience on the bus, and would like to voice some tips for Turks on how to ride the bus in a way that does not affect other passengers (a.k.a. ME) negatively.

1. Pick a spot! When you get on the bus, if there is no place to sit, then you have to stand. Find a spot where there is enough room for your entire physical being to be positioned and then stay there. If there is not a lot of room in a particular spot, don’t stand there. Don’t lean on me. Don’t find a spot where every time YOU move, my backpack moves also. If we are both holding onto the handrail, our hands should not be touching for the whole bus ride. Sorular var mı?
2. The buses can get really hot when so many people are on them. Therefore, do not wear your WINTER COAT if you know it’s gonna get hot! It makes you hot and everyone else on the bus hot. Plus, it’s May. Do you really think it’s THAT cold?
3. If it gets rully hot, open a window. The sweat dripping down my face should be a sign to you that something’s up. I know I sweat a lot so sorry, but if we could keep a nice breeze going up in here, it might not be so bad.
5. Don’t stand in front of the door if you’re not going to get out at the next stop. It makes both of our lives more difficult.
6. Have your money ready when you get on the bus. Not when you’re on the bus and preventing the 20 people behind you from getting on.
7. Don’t ride the bus when you’re getting off two bus stops later. Walk a little. It won’t hurt you.

If you can follow these rules for bus etiquette, I think all of our lives will be 100 times better. It can be cramped when 15+ million are all trying to get around the city, but let’s try to make the transportation experience as pleasant as possible, tamam mı?

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