Hot and Dangerous

Hot and Dangerous

Yo lovers!

Wanna hear about my shitty but very entertaining love life in Norman? Well, let’s get on it!!!

I’ve never had much luck dating in Oklahoma, or in America for that matter. I can’t really come to any conclusions on why that happens but it’s the truth. I think it’s because they love the gama (gay drama) and I just like foreigners. But since I’ve been back, weird. things. are. happening.

1. I have been gay added on facebook SO MANY TIMES both while I was abroad and since I’ve been back, and I’m loving it like it’s fucking McDonald’s. I hope they read my blogs too so then I can be interwebz famous at OU.

2. Went to a party a couple weeks ago and kissed someone (heaven forbid!). Of course, that has led to nothing and I can’t understand why. Maybe I AM a bad kisser like Cindy told me that one time…

3. This is the best story ever. Predrank at a friend’s place this weekend before going to Campus Corner for one of the foreign people parties. One of my friends invited a friend that he was semi-intersted in. I thought he was dorky cute, but I backed off because bros before hos, right? (P.S. this rule never applies to the gay community of Oklahoma) But anyway, things didn’t work between them and somehow I got to talking to my friend’s friend. The conversation turned to other things and we eventually decided that we’d go home together after the party. The whole party I had this in my mind. I even felt bad after someone else grinded on me. We finally left the party and decided to walk to my house from Campus Corner. According to Google Maps, that is a 1.6 mile walk that should take 31 minutes. Keep that in mind. We get all the way to my house, I use the bathroom for two seconds. When I come out, he’s not there any more. THAT BITCH IS GONE! HE RAN AWAY FROM ME!!! You would think that during those 31 minutes of walking, you might have had time to change your mind. Nope. It was during those two seconds that I was in the bathroom. And could you say “hey, I’m not interested any more” or leave a note? Nope. Ran. Away. It’s like dine and dash but you didn’t eat anything. What’s the point?

So, boys have been testing my self-esteem lately. I don’t know whether to be flattered that they’re interested in me for a part of an evening or be offended that they quit it before they even hit it.


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