Goals/ I’ve accepted that I’m a silly bitch

Goals/ I’ve accepted that I’m a silly bitch

These are my goals for time in Israel so far:

1. Get the Jew-cy Fruit, put it in my mouth, and spit it out when the flavor goes away (can’t decide if i’m being serious or not…)

2. buy a speedo and wear it in public

3. buy at least 2 pairs of man capris

4. wear a yarmulke for an entire day

5. go to a rave in the desert

I have gone to class three days so far. The first day I was an hour early, the second I was just late and today I was late because my stupid Israeli cell phone alarm didn’t go off. This means I work up fifteen minutes before class. I had to reuse dirty underwear, chew gum instead of brush my teeth, and come to class all sweaty from running. Overall, today was not a great day.

More trends I’ve discovered that are popular in Israel
-graphic t-shirts that say stupid things in English e.g. “I’m retired” (more examples to come)
-driving Mazdas-shoutout to Momma Big!
-being too busy in the army to hang out

This brings me to my conclusion that yes, I’m a silly bitch. Not stupid, just silly.

Author: Peter

I’m a failed model/international peace mediator. I like telling stories, traveling, and guys. Besides becoming Oprah, my biggest life goal is to be able to do the splits. All the way.

4 thoughts on “Goals/ I’ve accepted that I’m a silly bitch

  1. That's a good attitude Jonzzito! Setting up goals is the first step to start enjoying Israel! I saw your pics with Atalya, the places you went to look soooo nice! I loved that ice museum! And being busy in the army sounds like a cool summer trend, gotta try it out!!! Besos desde Polonia!

  2. Pita! i love the speedo part and i think u can totally pull it off. jono managed to get us into this fancy resort in belize cus he wore speedos and acted european haha.

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