GO HARD OR GO HOME! (I went home)

GO HARD OR GO HOME! (I went home)

As expected, much has gone downhill since my initial days in Istanbul. I was awestruck by the scenery and the expanse of the city, but I’ve had a few too many instances lately that have left me with some negative feelings. I say that this is expected because no matter how “international” and “adaptable” I make myself out to seem, I always have a horrible time at the beginning when I’m in a new place. This was true for Costa Rica, Oklahoma, and Israel. However, with time, I grew to really like the places (or at least like certain aspects enough to be able to survive) 🙂

I guess my first and biggest problem would have to be my phone sitch. Gizem had a phone set up and ready for me when I came to Turkey (so sweet). But the other day, when we went to an orientation for foreign students, it stopped working. I thought it was possibly just out of the service area, but I never got no bars back. And it sucked because I met a lot of cool people and they were like “What’s your number?” and I was like “I don’t know because I’m Turkey-tarded.” And then they could never call me and I couldn’t call them. Things did work out mas o menos through facebook but I was desperate to get my phone fixed. It’s been lyke five days now and I have been to at least 5 PHONE STORES and today I spent lyke 4 HOURS STRAIGHT trying to get this damn phone. And it turns out that the place I finally ended up at is two minutes from my apartment. Fuck that shit!!!

Number 2: This weekend, the internet at my apartment stopped working. My roommate says its because the people here before didn’t pay the bill and that we’d have to wait until Monday. Some people think it’s really cool to “go off the map” and not use technology for a while…I discovered this weekend that I am not one of them, especially when I’m in a new place where I don’t have anything to do except look at shit on the internet and call my hopefully new friends, both of which were not possible.

In this same period of time, I got locked out of my apartment twice (once it wasn’t my fault), got stuck on my balcony alone for an hour because I couldn’t open the door, and got told I was rejected by my department at the university (turned out not to be true). So, I was pretty sure I was going to end up crying in the bathroom stall, eating a whole chocolate cake, and talking to my mom on the phone all at the same time. This didn’t happen in reality, but I did have the same emotional overload.

Last, but not least:
After an isolated fun experience of going to the Istanbul Modern Museum and walking around the city yesterday with my new group of friends who I really like, we ate dinner together and starting drinking for a “fun night out.” The motto (proposed by me of course) was GO HARD OR GO HOME (optional: BITCHES). After some hardcore pre-drinking where I ended up being the drunkest one, we went out into the night! We went to this birthday party at someone’s apartment and then took a bus to Taksim, the downtown area of Isty. Be-tee-dubbs, apartment parties aren’t fun here because you live in the same building as families so everyone wants you to shut up. And people will yell at you in Turkish on the bus if you’re loud and drunk. We ended up first at a shady dance club and then a shadier bar. As the night progressed, Momma realized he was not having it. I was ready to 1) get some, 2) have someone pay attention to me, or 3) go home. The first two didn’t work out so well, so I ended up having a romantic solo taxi ride home. It sucks that I couldn’t even live up to my own motto. LAME, HUH? But I’m glad I realized I was on my man rag and couldn’t take any more attention whores (this is a separate story) or stupid Americans for a while.

I know this makes it appear as though I’m having a horrible time, and I am. But that’s hopefully only for now. Things can only go up from here, right? I have had some successes and a lot of fun at times. I trust that e’erthing will be OTAY soon! Just gotta keep chugging along…

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  1. So cool to be kept updated on your blog, tesekurler ederim for that! 😀 I was just about to tell you the other day that your cultural shock didn't come for too long and how suspicious that was, knowing you ;). But here you go, it came, just like a girl's period, but be sure it'll end soon (you can't bleed for your entire life, can you?). Ok, enough of the drama and blood references, just keep on going harddddddd as much as you cannnnn!!! Optum! (= 'kiss' in Turkish, knowing such words might be useful for you :D).

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