Did I Just Get Hit On?

Did I Just Get Hit On?

Classes have finally started and I can’t decide whether or not I approve. On the one hand, I am glad that I have something productive to apply myself to and it saves me money because a large portion of my time so far here has been spent going out and drinking. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but my bank account is like “ouch!” The negatives of classes are that I lose time spent sitting in front of my computer watching TV shows while eating Turkish chocolate spread (usually on bread but sometimes if it’s rough, I just eat it off a spoon). Also, my brain is still in summer mode where I have not been thinking about academic related issues at all. But it makes me feel better in class because English is my first language so I can take notes faster. Be jealous, Turks!

I am enrolled in four classes total: Human Rights, Seminar on Social Movements, Development and Growth, and Turkish. I thought about adding a fifth class, but then I asked myself, “Bitch, why did you come all the way to Turkey if you’re just going to study all the time?” Needless to say, I only went to one hour of that class before nixing it.

Pros and Cons of classes here:
-Books are way cheaper because you just pay for illegally copied versions of books.
-I don’t have class on Fridays.
-I speak English!

-Lessons for the same class aren’t held in the same classroom the whole week. They could be in one building on Tuesdays and a completely different one on Thursday. Why, Turkey, why?
-There are multiple campuses of my university that are only 10-15 minutes apart, but walking in between them can be a bitch.

Last night, the organization for exchange students here put on a cruise on the Bosphorus. Of course, we each had to pay about $20, but it was worth it because you got three complimentary drinks including a slim selection of beer, wine, and vodka. Please do the math:

No dinner + two STRONG mixed drinks + one beer + one super shaky boat = one fucked up Peter

It was tons of fun, but I am still surprised I did not fall over the railing of that sea vessel. I was looking forward to putting my elementary school swimming lessons to good use, but I am thankful now that I didn’t have to whip them out while intoxicated. They did teach us how to make a life preserver out of our pants though.
The party was the expected: people, music, dancing, drunk American girl being a slut, German girl throwing up, you know, the typical party. I think I got hit on by this Turkish guy? But his facebook profile says he’s interested in women. It’s like a reverse JuanBa. ALSO, he was double-timing me by being a player and trying to get with my (friend?) “Angel” when I wasn’t there. I wasn’t interested in him at all, but knowing me, I’m up for a little competition and just wanted to be the bitch cock-on-cock-blocker. Galen started it though by being a little diva because I asked him if he wanted the Turkish delight (wink) and he just gave me a look like “Queen, why are you talking to me?” BTW, I’m not a queen.
After the cruise, most of the people were planning to go out to another party, but I was super tired and decided to walk home. I thought walking would get rid of some of the drunk…nope. I got lost on the way haha, ate some drunchies, and went to bed. I also thought it was hilarious to take gross pictures of myself eating drunchies. See below:

I still think it’s funny.

My free Friday has been super unproductive.

P.S. If you can’t tell, things are getting better for me here. Still some kinks to work out, but it’s cool. So don’t be sad about my last entry!

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