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Month: October 2014

17 Again

17 Again

Receiving a scholarship to go┬áto an international high school in Costa Rica is one of my proudest achievements. I feel the need to bring it up often to let the belittling assholes of DC know that they should step down because I’m an accomplished motherfucker too. Although I sugarcoat my time there to other people, I had a fair amount of struggle (most of which I created myself). The second year I was there, I probably cried at least once a day. I was sad because the boy I was in love with didn’t want to be with me. I stressed about getting in to college and more importantly, paying for it. And like any teenager, I felt like NO ONE UNDERSTOOD ME.

But my time at UWC was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I kept a journal throughout my time in Costa Rica, which I found a while back at my parents’ house. I also had a burn book, but that’s a different story. Several of my friends would read my journal at school because they thought it was funny. This eventually morphed into this blog and here we are today. Despite how embarrassing it is, I decided to share my first entry complete with comments from my modern-day self. I was a little bitch to say the least.

UWCFirstJournalEntryTo sum things up, I miss being 17 because I had:

-less body hair

-less gray hair

-less responsibility


But I don’t miss anything else. Goodbye, 2006.

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