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Month: June 2011

Back to my Mother and the Motherland

Back to my Mother and the Motherland

After facing my fear of flying for the thousandth time this year, I somehow made it back to the US, overweight baggage and all. My last weeks in Istanbul were surprisingly easier than I expected. I think because it had been so long since I had seen my family and because I had my internship to look forward to in ‘Murika, I was mentally prepared to go home. Oh, and some people were on momma’s last nerve…but it’s all good now.

To recap my last weeks in Turk-land:
1. I went to visit my friend Gizem in Ankara, the capital city. A-town has a bad rap amongst Turks and foreigners because it’s not as glamorous or lively as Isty. Well, those people can kiss my ass. I enjoyed Anky a lot and got my own little personal tour thanks to Gizmo. I miss that girl. Saying hoşçakal was hard, but I hope to see her in the near future. Couldn’t have survived those first few weeks Gizemsiz!

2. I somehow lost my Residence Permit (the thing that I cried over and was a pain in the ass to get), which was just FANTASTIC! I thought that, Oprah forbid, Turkey might have some sort of system where they keep track of all the foreign people living in their country so that they can just print out a new stupid booklet for me. Nope. I had to go back to the fires of Turkish hell THREE more times to REAPPLY and PAY 150 lira AGAIN. And all I needed it for was to leave the country. All that hard work and the guy at the airport looked at it for 0.239 seconds. Really, Turkey? REALLY??!!

3. Went on a boat cruise with my roomies=one of the best days ever. We rented a private boat to take us around the Sea of Marmara south of Istanbul and it was just one of those days where you can’t complain about anything (even if you’re nickname is White Wine). We brought food and booze and we were set. The weather was amazing and the islands we saw were beautiful. Our captain was drunk as f*%$ but we survived. Be Jello-z!

For all of you who are wondering, America is treating me fantabulously! I had a frickin awesome time in Istanbul this past year and am so thankful to have met all the kool kids I did, but it is DAMN good to be back. People here speak English WELL and they use dollars! I don’t have take out tons of money from the ATM and stockpile it in my dresser drawer! I can use a drier to dry my laundry (although Carol Ann has been doing all my laundry lately) and I have a door to my bedroom! ☺ You know what’s the best? CHEAP ALKY-HOL!!! 60 lira for a bottle of shitty tequila? Nope. I can buy Jose for under $20. Crappy wine? Hayir, I’mma buy a box…for myself. TIP IT!!! Efes? Yok. Bacardi Breezers all day!!!!

My internship is going well. I like everyone I work with and I only have to work three days a week. You know what I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays? I also go running. But back to my internship: The office is located on top of a frozen yogurt shop=dangerous. I will be broker than I am by the end of the summer. One kind of crappy part about working in DC is the commute. If my parents were normal, we wouldn’t live so far away, but their illogicality and desire to live in Red Neck-ville, USA means that it takes two and a half hours to get my internship! So, FIVE HOURS of my day is spent in transportation. Right now, I don’t mind it so much. I get to spend time with my Momma on the drive to the train station and the train ride to DC. I can also read and get my sudoku on. But, what if I want to go out in the city? Things get a little tricky. I guess I’ll have to worry about that when I actually get invited to something haha. And, it’s only been one week. Need me some bitches to hang out with. Yani, Carol Ann is off the chain, but she’s also fifty years old and my mother. And still can’t come to terms with the fact that I drink alcohol, with the intention of getting drunk.

But overall, I’m excited about this summer!!!

P.S. I dominated my classes at Bogazici this semester. So, all you h8-ers, including my Sociology advisor,!

P.S.S. I miss Tarkan 🙁 Do you think he misses me too?