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Month: August 2010

Israel: Yay or Nay?

Israel: Yay or Nay?

I’m back in the US, hanging out with my parents and little sister in Hickville, Virginia. I got back Monday afternoon and have pretty much spent my days recovering from jet lag, watching Netflix, and starting a new workout routine. (The last two are kind of opposites.) So how did I spend the rest of my time in the Holy Land and am I overall satisfied that I went?

Let’s see:
I finished my Hebrew course on July 26th. I actually came to enjoy it quite a bit. Okay, not the studying and paying attention during class, but I made a few good friends and got to know Israel a whole lot better. I have decided that I’m thankful I had the opportunity to go but I am not in any hurry to go back. I hate having to go through a metal detector every time I go to the mall and although I might have a certain attraction to Israelis, my interest is not reciprocated.
Should we talk about this? I THINK SO!

After getting shut down previously by some guy’s friend (see previous blog post), I didn’t have very high expectations for the rest of my time there in terms of getting any. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I got my ass grabbed repeatedly at the same club a week later. (!!!) I even got enough courage to leave my phone number at a cafe for a guy who checked out Arthemis’ tits…and that didn’t really work out for me.

The night after our last Ulpan class, a bunch of us went out in downtown J-Ru one last time. I drunkarexically sloshed around the whole night after approximately one shot and half a beer. Our teacher Nomi even made an appearance with her Ish (boyfriend). It was like Regina George punched me in the face because IT…WAS…AWESOME! Imagine a handful of drunk Americans competing to tell Lawn Gnomie how much we love both her and her man in Hebrew.

Post-Ulpan, I became Atalya’s live-in boyfriend without the sex. (It was a mutual agreement) There, I would sleep in until eleven everyday and sometimes hang out with my friends who were also still in Israel. We went to the beach in Tel Aviv, to Haifa for an overnight trip, to Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea, and one day, we met up with Nomi for coffee in Jerusalem. It was super cool, especially because we spoke in English the whole time. Poor Taly had to get up everyday at six, so I know for a fact she was ready for me to get the hell out of her room. But I cannot thank her enough for how great she was to me while I was there.

I may or may not know this from first hand experience. You’ll have to guess which one 😉

I also went to a wine festival with Atalya’s dad and brother. Lots o’ fun! I don’t really like wine, but I somehow figured out a way to enjoy it haha. The wines were all from Israeli vineyards which contributes further to my Israeli culture credibility.

I met up with “someone” again the very last night before I left. Atalya and he both came back from the army together and the three of us went out to eat. It could have been really awkward and terrible (again) but I actually had a great time. It was almost like (god forbid) we were friends again. I’m so happy that this happened because I think it brought a lot of closure to my trip and solidified my contentment with my decision to go to Israel. It would have been nice to have more good times like that while I was there, but I think I should be thankful for the good memory I now have. 🙂

So I will conclude with some random facts:
1) New favorite graphic tee spotted “Dirty is the New Black”- worn by a black person. Think about it…
2) True or Fales: Everyone speaks/understands enough English in Israel. FALSE. If you order an Iced Chai Tea Latte from a place where their menu is in Hebrew and English, you just might get a hot latte.
3) My mom has taken up crocheting handbags out of Wal-Mart plastic bags, t-shirts, and VHS tapes. I smell a photo shoot!

Finally accepted to my university in Turkey. Are you still gonna follow my blog then? I’m sure there won’t be as much juicy drama (or will there???), but you should definitely stay tuned.